Friday, June 21, 2013

Rosella's New Haircut

In honor of the recent scandal, I thought I'd revisit this note, which I originally posted in 2011. 


A few years back, I took my Mom to get a haircut.  Even though we were kinda in a hurry, she insisted we find a Beauty School, rather than a hair cut chain because "it's cheaper".  I asked her how much she was hoping to spend and she said, "Between 10 and 15 dollars... but I kinda want to be particular."

By particular, I thought she meant "frugal".  I'm thinking to myself, "Doesn't a $14 haircut at Supercuts qualify as 'between ten and fifteen dollars'?" Whatever.

I find a place, we get her signed in and we begin our half hour wait.  We're sitting there chatting for a bit as my Mom roots around in her purse.  Then I notice that she's staring at a small square of paper, clearly a cut-out from a magazine.  I assume it's a horoscope or something and don't pay too much attention to it until she says, "I hope they can do this."

"Do what?" I asked, half listening.

"This." She holds up the cut-out she was looking at.

Unable to contain my excitement I say, "YOU BROUGHT A PICTURE!?"

She gives me a suspicious and reluctant, "Yaaah." in her thick accent. 

Realizing that I'm on the verge of discouraging her from showing me, I bring down the excitement level a little and manage to say, "That's awesome! Lemme see...", she hands me the cut-out and watches me closely to see my reaction. "Oh wow, that's cute, Mom! I like the flip." I say with a big smile on my face. I hand her back the cut-out and she studies it closely.

"I know." she says as if somewhat disappointed, "I had a different picture, but I lost it."

"Well, this one is nice. I like it. It's old-school." I say, trying to be encouraging, because I honestly think it's a good look for her.  I've ALWAYS loved my Mom's 50's style hairdo's the best.
Still looking at the cut-out she says, "Yeah, but I really liked the other one...  I got it off a pie."

"A pie..?" I'm wondering if I heard her right... I have no idea what she's talking about.  I quickly try to think of what brands of pastries have women with reasonable haircuts on them.  All I can think of is Little Debbie, but she's a little girl... and isn't she wearing a hat in the picture?

I think maybe I must have misunderstood her, "What do you mean, 'a pie'? Like a pie from the store?  Like an apple pie or something?"

As if it's a perfectly normal thing for people to do, my mom says, "Yah, your Auntie brought home a pie and the box had a picture of a lady on it, so I kept the picture. I had it for a loooong time, but I lost it."

I'm still confused on what she means, but we've been getting along so far, so all I can muster is a "Bummer."

I turn my attention back to the salon and my mom dreamily says, "I knowwww... I really liked it. Her name was Paula something..."

Then it clicks, "PAULA DEAN!!??"

"YAH! PAULA DEAN!! THAT WAS HER NAME!" My mom is SO excited and we're basically yelling in this hair salon. 

I'm laughing and clapping my hands like an idiot, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THAT'S AWESOME!!"

She looks at me in surprise, "Why? Did you have that pie too!?"

"No, but she has her own show on the cooking channel, she's pretty famous." I say, still laughing. 

My Mom stares at me wide-eyed with wonder, as if we know Paula Deen personally, "Oh, I didn't know that! I liked her hair!" then, very seriously she says, "and that pie she made was really good."

A "Before Shot" of my Mom with the not-Paula-Dean-hair-example that she's been carrying around in her purse for a couple of months.
A front/back of the "After Shot". I have NO IDEA why her hair is showing up purple in this picture, it wasn't purple in the slightest (pre-smart-phone-crappy-cell-phone-picture). Coincidentally, after this picture we stopped off at Walmart for her black hair-dye.::wink:: By the way, I think her hair looked REALLY great.  It was such a cute haircut.  I think I'll show her these pictures and see if she needs a haircut soon. 

"and that pie she made was really good."  I don't know if my Mom imagined THE Paula Deen, individually, hand-making her pie and putting it in a box with her own picture on it... but I like to think that's what my mom would imagine.  Also, this haircut is NOT the haircut from the pie-box.  I searched everywhere for that picture and my Mom would turn her nose up at my computer and say, "That's not it." as if offended that I would suggest a different hairstyle to her.  
*In reference to the "Scandal" - I was of course referring to Paula Deen admitting to dropping the N-word more than she drops her biscuits.


  1. The Aveda Beauty School gives haircuts for $12, and my brother says that they have free cookies out too.