Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rain is Coming.

Bo him g ju:k. 

The rain is coming.

Normally, on my way home from work, I nap from the minute we hit the main highway out of Sells and don't wake up until we pull into the parking lot of our shuttle stop in Tucson.  My body is set to an internal clock, which I don't fight.  On any normal day, I can't stay awake between 7 and 8am or 5 and 6pm, even if I'm not on a shuttle. 

Today wasn't a normal day.   

I'm not sure if the change in temperature in the shuttle or the smell of rain woke me.  Even inside the noisy, bumpy, metal bus, it felt like rain.  I inhaled deeply and took in the sweet smell of the desert. 

Bo him g ju:k.

The rain is coming. 

I could see far off in the distance, a wall of darkness, hanging like a sheet in the middle of the sky.  The rest of the sky was bright, even sunny in places, though I knew it could quickly change without warning. 

I inhaled that familiar smell and my body became giddy.  I felt like laughing.   

I wondered if I would make it home before the rain. 

Once in my car, I slowly drove toward the deep, dark blue sky.  I was careful not to seem too eager, although I felt the urge to speed up and chase her. 

My Mom says you'll scare the rain away if you anticipate it too much.

I've rushed to bring in the laundry off the clothesline, only to have the rain stand me up, often enough to believe my Mom's theory. 

I pretended not to watch the clouds, but I kept sneaking peeks. 

As I opened my car door in my driveway, the wind came to greet me.  My hair went flying and tiny flecks of precipitation kissed at my skin.   

I only came inside for a moment to put down my things, then found my husband standing in the backyard, waiting too. 

We sat outside and watched the sky change colors.  The sound of the excited, blowing wind and occasional, distant crash of thunder filled my belly with butterflies.  We watched as unassuming lightening bolts lit up the sky and hoped that it could coax the shy raindrops down. 

Bo him g ju:k.

The rain is coming. 

The sun has set and the sky is thicker now with heavier clouds. 

Inside, you can hear booms and see flashes that seem to be playing a game of hide and seek with you.  Once you listen for the booms, you hear silence, once you look to the sky, you see a flash behind you.  You're always looking in the wrong place. 

The rain will come when she wants. 

She knows we've been waiting for her all year. 

The rain is coming to the desert. 

She's almost here. 

Picture from KOLD News 13
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