Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eee! That Cat!

Other than rez dogs, which are only yours until someone else starts feeding them, I never really owned any pets up until just a few years ago.  

I never wanted any pets.  

I've never considered myself a "cat person" or a "dog person", instead, I've always maintained that I'm more of a "human person". 

I'd much rather put my time and energy into other humans.   

It wasn't until my daughters spontaneously became cat people that I finally gave in to owning pets.  

Their cat obsession was getting out of control, anytime we drove anywhere, my daughters would scream out, "THERE'S A CAT!!" as if they had never seen one before.  All the drawings hanging on the refrigerator were of cats and they meowed around the house, pretending to be cats allllll the time. 

So finally, when a friend of mine posted about needing to find a home for some kittens, we reluctantly decided to take one in.  We went to pick one out, and we came home with two.  

We named them, Luke and Leia.  Twins.    

Leia must have been the runt of the litter, because she is very tiny.  She still looks like a young cat.  She's very dainty and small.  She's obnoxiously adorable. 

Luke on the other hand is a BEAST.  In our household we refer to him as either, "the ocelot" or "the puma", cause he's HUGE.  He looks like a wild cat.  

My mom is weirdly angry about certain subjects.  Anytime she talks about pregnant women or animals, she sounds like she's getting angry.  I have no idea why.  She almost sounds like she's yelling. 

Our animals are spoiled, and they're allowed to roam all over the house.  My Mom disapproves of course.  She's always complaining about the animals, even if they aren't really doing anything.  She considers them "in her way" all the time.  She pretends to hate them, but we catch her sneaking them food and trying to play with them all the time, when she thinks we aren't looking.    

My Mom's reaction to Luke ALWAYS cracks me up.  She says, in an angry tone, as if disgusted, "Eee! That cat! ::long pause:: He's so beautiful!"

Although he's just a regular housecat, he is a very handsome and striking cat.  Yes, I actually wrote that.  This is how far I've come. 

Luke has a commanding presence as well as a regal elegance about him.    


He's a huge cat.  We went through the trouble of weighing him the other day, just out of curiosity and he's 13 pounds!  Surprisingly, he's all muscle.  He can leap almost up to the ceiling, which is insane. He has humanlike expressions and body language and sometimes it's soooo humanlike that it kinda creeps me out.   

He likes to join us at the dinner table during our meals.  My daughters sit on a bench at our dinner table everyday for dinner and Luke likes to sit on the bench with them as we eat!  We don't feed him from the table or anything.  He just sits there and watches.  We allow it because it looks so funny.  He does it almost every time the family is assembled at the dinnertable.  

We're not heartless.  If we're eating anything with either lettuce or cucumbers, we'll give him a tiny bit because he goes nuts for either of those vegetables.  He won't touch meat if we give it to him, but you can practically see the euphoric state that a single lettuce leaf induces. 

He's in the way of course.  But like I said, we get such a good kick out of it, we continue to allow it. 

We were greatly entertained a couple of days ago, when one of my daughters accidentally got mustard on him.  He grumpily sat there as the whole family laughed as my daughter wipe the mustard off his head.  

Once again I was awed by his humanlike qualities as well as how much I've grown to love and care for this animal.

Apparently, I'm also the type of person who now takes photos of their cat! (When did THAT happen?):
Here's Luke trying to be a part of Family Game Night. 

He's pretty pissed off that we didn't include him.  He was intentionally trying to interupt our game.  He was not very happy with our decision to kick him out of the kitchen. 

I like this photo because he's suspiciously eyeing a piece of lettuce. 

Here's Luke going for a piece of lettuce on the table.  

Lettuce is his #1. favorite treat... because he's a weirdo.

Here he is, EATING a piece of lettuce.  Yes, really. 

Another time we thought it would be funnier if we put the lettuce on a plate.
Aaaaaand we were right.
Once again he seemed pretty annoyed to not be included in the fun. 

So we included him, but I think we offended him with our choice of words. 

*For anyone wondering why I didn't go into detail with Leia or our dog, Pancho, don't worry.  I'll eventually get to it. 

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