Saturday, August 31, 2013

Purse Shopping with Rosella

I do not enjoy shopping.  I've NEVER enjoyed shopping.  I generally try to get shopping over with as soon as possible so that I can get back home and not shop. 

I hate shopping for shoes, clothes. I don't even like shopping for groceries. 

I don't like browsing. 

I don't like Black Friday sales. 
Don't even get me started on window shopping or shopping while broke.  Ugh.  No thanks, I'll pass.   
My mom on the other hand LOVES to shop.

She can shop for hours and hours.  Even if she doesn't have any money, my mom will shop!  When she does have money, she won't always buy anything, but she'll still spend hours shopping.  She might spend two hours in a store and she would have been walking around, holding something the entire time, but the minute it's time to leave, she'll change her mind.  She basically just wants to look at things. 

It drives me absolutely nuts. 

The last time she was over for a visit, she mentioned to me that she was interested in a zebra print purse.  I did an online search for her, and she ooh-ed and aah-ed over purses, but she didn't understand the whole online-purchase-thing, or she wasn't comfortable with it, so we ended up not buying anything.  

My mom is incredibly indecisive, and like I said, she just likes to look at stuff, so I didn't take it seriously that she wanted to actually buy anything anyway.

During her most recent visit, however, my mom wouldn't stop talking about the zebra print purse.  She asked me everyday for a week, when we were going to go shopping for her new purse.  I knew she meant business this time.  

Also, my mom pronounces "zebra" as "zibra" which never fails to make me smile. Then, to top it all off, she kept talking about going to "Penny's." 

Although I hate shopping, I try to be really positive and upbeat during my mom's shopping adventures.  My siblings and I are strongly discouraging her from buying herself a car, because her eyesight is awful, so if we wanna keep Rosella out from behind the wheel of an automobile, I/we have to take her where she wants to go without complaining.    

You're welcome, world.

Here's what she wanted:
- She wanted a zebra print purse
- It needed to be big enough to fit a thin sweater, for when she goes to the casino
- She wanted a lot of pockets
- It needed to zip or clasp at the top
- She didn't want anything "too fancy"
- She didn't want anything "too shiny"

The first place I took her to was JC Penny's in the Tucson Mall and we quickly located the purse section.  I did a look through of the entire purse section in less than a minute and spotted the closest thing to a zebra print purse they had in there.  I showed it to her.  She wasn't happy.  But she continued to hem and haw about it anyway.  We stayed in that store for another 20 minutes before she agreed to go to another store. 

Once we left JC Penny's, she wanted to go to Montgomery Ward's.  "Mom, I don't think there's a Montgomery Ward's anymore." "Yes there is! It's right around the corner." "Mom, Montgomery Ward's used to be in El Con Mall, we're in the Tucson Mall, and I think it closed." "No, nah-ah! It's right around the corner." "I just checked on my phone, and Montgomery Ward's is closed." "WHAT!? No it didn't! It's still there!" "Okay, well... that's in a different mall, do you want to go there?  I can take you...but it says on my phone that it isn't there anymore..."

This is the kind of stubborness I was dealing with all day.

Here are some of the purses she rejected:
This purse had "too much brown in it". 

Although she immediately established that this purse was too small, she almost agreed to take it anyway, until she realized that the large flower wasn't removable.

She didn't like this purse because it was "too shiny".  She also didn't approve of the fringe-whip-thing.

She hated this one immediately, but still checked to see how many pockets it had. 

This purse didn't have enough pockets on the inside, and it was too shiny.  Instead we spent 45 minutes in this store looking at earrings.  She went back and forth about the earrings.  We stood waiting in line for about 10 minutes, and when we got up to the counter she turned to me and said, "Do you think I should buy them?" 
In the end, she bought the earrings.  3 pairs for $14.99  

She liked this purse, except it was too small and it wasn't zebra print, but she liked that it was on sale.     


This is the purse we came home with.
It's large.
It's shiny.
It's leopard print.

In the end, she bought a purse for $19.95 plus tax.  We spent a total of five hours shopping.
When we got home with the purse, she put it on and walked around the house with it, like she was in a fashion show.  She kept bragging to my husband that she bought the purse on sale for only $19.00. 
The next day she told my sister she got it for $18.00.
My sister was picking her up to take her back home and she got all my mom's stuff loaded into her truck and I think they even drove away, when suddenly, my mom comes running back inside... for her new purse.   
A few days ago, I picked her up at the casino, where she happily showed me that she was able to fit in her sweater and was still gushing about it. 
She and I went to grab something to eat afterwards.  She sat down in a booth and noticed right away that sun would be shining in her face, so we sat at a different table. 
I got up for a napkins a few minutes later, and sitting on the bench of the table she initially sat at... was her new purse.
I have a feeling we'll be purse shopping again soon. 

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