Sunday, August 18, 2013

What the Heck is That Noise!?

We had a party for my nephew at our house today.  

Our dog, Pancho doesn't like kids (he had a traumatic experience with a six-year old that has scarred him for life) and our cats, Luke and Leia, are both indoor-only cats.  We don't want to babysit the opening and closing of doors during an entire party, so whenever we have a lot of people over, we just put our pets in our bedroom.  

Once there aren't any small kids around, we can let Pancho out of the room.  Once the crowd gets smaller, we usually let out the cats. 

In the confusion of having even just a few people over, sometimes the cats will end up stuck in weird places, like the bathroom or in a closet. 

The cats are never stuck anywhere for long.  Leia especially has a really loud cry.  It sounds almost like a human baby's cry. 

The party ended hours ago, so I was really surprised to hear an animal-cry coming from one of the rooms.  It was really loud.  I could hear it from my bedroom, with the door closed, and Ryan heard it from the kitchen.  We both walked into the hallway to find out where the sound was coming from. 

It was an upsetting sound.  It didn't sound like a normal, "Help! I'm locked in here!" cat-cry that we're familiar with.  The sound was scary, it really freaked both of us out.  We were immediately concerned that maybe one of the cats was hurt or something.  We went around the house, opening doors; we checked the bathroom, the laundry closet and the linen closet because the sound was loudest in the hallway.    

We didn't check the girls' rooms because the girls were in one room, and the cats aren't allowed in there, and the noise was so loud, they wouldn't have let them cry for that long.  My Mom is spending a few nights with us and is staying in the other bedroom, and there's absolutely no way she'd have a cat in there. 

We were starting to panic a little, but then we found all three of the animals casually lounging around in what we call our library.  All of them were fine.  In fact, they even looked relaxed, and looked at us like we were disturbing them. 

By this time, the sound had stopped.  We were confused and a little worried.  What the heck was making that noise?!  We were both pretty sure that none of our pets had been hurt or crying.  It definitely wasn't our daughters.  We were absolutely positive it was an animal.  We walked around the house, just making sure everything was in order. 

Everything looked normal and was fine. 

It took us a while to relax again, because we couldn't figure it out.  Both my husband and I were racking our brains, trying to figure it out.  

What on earth had been making that loud, animal-in-pain sound?

Finally it clicked.

Rosella was asleep.  It was just her snoring.  


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