Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rosella's REO Speedwagon Adventure

In case you're not up to date on the story.  My mom asked me to take her to an REO Speedwagon Concert.  In case you missed that blog, you'll definitely want to read that first, here's the link: Rosella: The Music Aficionado.
My mom loves to go to the casino. I've stopped fighting it.  Whatever.  She goes often enough that she's considered a "VIP Player" and can visit the VIP lounge and get free food, free hotel stays or free concert tickets.  

At first, we didn't think she was gonna get the tickets. We made a call to her "VIP Host" and my mom says to her, "I was concerned about some tickets..."
She was put on a waiting list, which to me is always a nice way of saying "no".  Surprisingly, we got the call the night before the show that there were two tickets waiting for us in Sahuarita. 

It was official, Rosella and I were going to have a ladies night on the town. 

There was too much going on for me to go into detail, so I'll just share a few highlights. 

- Rosella insisted we get t-shirts, and they are fabulous. 
My mom wearing her new shirt.

She sort of panicked when we got up to the t-shirt table and held up the line both by taking her time deciding, then looking through her giant, leopard print purse for her debit card. We didn't know the back said this when we bought it.

- We took lots of selfies. 
There's me smiling and my mom looking sultry.

Right before we took this photo I told her to smile. She said, "No, I refuse to smile." And I said, "Oh yeah? Rent-To-Own Speedwagon."  We shared a good laugh. 

 - Rosella repeatedly and very loudly kept saying, "Awww... I missed CCR!"  She said it before, during and even after the show.  She also told any people we talked to that yes, we just saw REO, but she missed CCR.  She made it sound like she goes to concerts all the time, but according to her, the last concert she went to was when we were kids and we saw Amy Grant playing at the State Fair back in the 80's. 
- Every once in a while I would glance at my mom, to make sure she was enjoying herself.  She spent a lot of time rummaging around in her purse.  I caught her applying lipstick once.

It was dark in there.

The tall, long-haired couple sitting in front of us kept blocking our view. Here's a photo of them being obnoxious.  At one point the man was screaming at a woman in front of him for blocking his view by dancing...

The biggest highlight, however, involves these:
Dangerously delicious.

I don't chew gum for the following reasons.
#1. I don't like the taste of artificial sweetners.  Gum is now commonly made with every kind of artificial sweetner out there. I hate it. It gives me an instant headache. 
#2. I have severe TMJ (Jaw problems).  I see my dentist regularly because of it.  Gum is just a nightmare for my entire face.

So, when my mom offered me a piece of gum during the concert, I immediately declined.  She says, "There's no artificial sweetners in it..." (There were).  "No thanks, I'm good." I said, and turned back to the concert. She shakes the container in front of my face, "Just have one." she says.  Patiently, I tell her, "Mom, I'm fine, I don't want one." Then she starts getting higher pitched, "Here. It's new! Just try one!" 

I just gave up, took a piece of gum, popped it into my mouth and continued watching the show.  

A few minutes later, I felt my mom hit my arm.  She does this a lot when she wants to get my attention, so I very casually look over at her...

She's pointing towards her throat and flailing her arms, indicating that she wants me to hit her on the back. 


I smacked my mom's back until the piece of delicious, artificially sweetened death was knocked out of her windpipe. 

::deep breath::

She's fine. 

We stayed till the end of the concert, where she loudly announced, yet once again, that she's sad she missed CCR.  

It's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure she only recognized a few songs (I only recognized 3).  It was a good show and the audience was lively... But according to my mom, they were no CCR.  

We made plans to go to CCR if they come back next year, which made her happy. 

If we score tickets, I think I'll ban her from bringing gum into the show. 

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