Friday, September 13, 2013

Rosella: The Music Aficionado

Rosella is back.  She's staying with us for a few days.  

Tonight she was telling me about a band that's coming to town.

She excitedly says to me, "Oh! RTO is coming to the casino!"  

I have no idea who that is, but sometimes it's easier just to say, "Really? Cool." And my mom will switch to a new topic.  She also kind of talks to herself all the time, not in a weird way, more of a I'm-being-as-distracting-as-possible kind of way and I'm pretty used to it.     

Casually, as if she were just talking out loud to herself she says with a loud sigh, "I guess I COULD go... but... I GUESS I'd have to walk all the way home..."  I don't respond. She continues, "The bus doesn't run that late from there..." Again, I don't respond.  "I get two free tickets, but I don't have anyone to go with... " 

My mom doesn't care what I'm doing when she wants to talk to me. If I'm watching TV, reading a book or writing, she'll interrupt me.  In fact, I sometimes feel like if she sees me doing those things, it makes talking to me even MORE irresistible.  Even if I were doing something complicated like putting out a kitchen fire, Rosella would keep talking to me, and probably get angry with me for not responding to her immediately.  

I can hear her irritation with me growing, but I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my two daughters trying to help them with their homework.  She's sitting in the living room on the couch.  She's projecting her voice.  One of my daughters is near tears in panic for yet another (unnecessary) school project.  I'm trying to calm her down, but there's Rosella in the background, loudly sighing and talking about walking home from a concert.   

I can tell that she isn't going to stop until I give her my full attention, So finally, I say, "Which band, Mom?"  "RTO!" she says, again, annoyed that I don't know who she's talking about, as if I'm intentionally trying to offend her.  I take a deep breath and try another approach, "I've never heard of that band, Mom... what kind of music is it?" By now she's just flat out annoyed with me and she's starting to get high pitched, "Eee... I don't's music... it's good music!"  "What does the RTO stand for?" "I don't know... NOTHING! It's just their name, RTO, RTO!" 

I'm sitting in front of a computer, so I figure I can do a quick google search and find the band and have that be the end of it.  

I type in "RTO" and the only thing that comes up are things that say, "Rent To Own".  I couldn't help myself.  I laugh.  My daughter looks at my computer screen, laughs and loudly says before I can stop her, "Hu'uli, Mommy looked up RTO and it just says, 'Rent To Own'!  

My mom fails to see the humor.  She scoffs and tosses her head.  

She's mad. 

Dammit, she's won.  I give up.  As if also excited to go see a band I've never heard about, to listen to old lady mystery music I say, "Mom... I can take you, if you want to go.  I can go with you." She immediately perks up and says, "Really?! Oh boy! I get two free tickets! Alright! Yeah! Let's go! Oh boy!"   

"When is it?" 
"September 20th." 
"Okay, yeah, let's do it.  You get us your free tickets and I'll take you, definitely."
"Oh boy! I've been wanting to see them!" she says, then as a thank you, she leaves the room so I can finally finish helping my daughters with their homework.  

Once I get my daughters off to bed, I sit down again with my computer and search for this "RTO Band".  By this time I'm thinking its some Tejano Band or something obscure like that.  I do a quick web search for "RTO + Desert Diamond" and nothing pops up.  So I go directly to the Desert Diamond Casino's Website and look at their entertainment line-up.  I can't even find any concerts listed for September 20th.  It's not like my mom to be wrong about a date, she had even said that it was a Friday, so I keep looking.      

I click on a few more pages before I finally find what I'm looking for.  


She meant to say, REO not RTO... and yes... REO... as in Speedwagon.  

I'm taking my mom to go see R.E.O. Speedwagon.  



  1. Thank you. Like i say every time you're an awesome sister. She's been trying to con me to go but I work that day. Call in, its a free concert. Like I'm going to call in and show up for work for a concert.

  2. I'd take her!! RTO Speedwagon sounds almost as awesome as REO Speedwagon. Maybe it's a cover band?