Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rez Directions (Ku:pk)

Yesterday, I had to give a person at Tohono O'odham Waste Management directions to my mom's house in Pisin' Mo'o, over the phone, so they can deliver a dumpster. 

Considering that I usually use hand gestures to give directions, it was harder than expected!  Especially because the woman wasn't very familiar with Pisin' Mo'o.  She was really cool about it though, I could tell that she gets phone calls like that all the time. 

There are no street signs anywhere on the main Rez.  We also don't have house numbers.  People nickname roads, but usually directions will include things like, "Go on the loop" or "Turn by the big tree" or "Get on that road and just keep going." 

I know it's a big deal for emergency services.  Often, people will wait for emergency vehicles on the roads, and wave them in, so they know where to go.

A while back, I thought about writing this blog, so on my last trip back home, I took some pictures...

BUT, now that I think about it, most people won't even NEED directions from this way.  This is "the long way" if you're coming from the east end of the Rez.  If you're from the west end, you probably already know where to go!   

My uncle really flattened the road, it's gorgeous.  It's like driving on butter (actually, that sounds kinda dangerous).  Anyway, it's pretty smooth. 

IF YOU WERE PLANNING ON GOING THROUGH PISIN' MO'O, this is how you'd get to Ku:pk.  :)  

Highway 86
Go South on Indian Route 21, towards Pisin Mo'o (Pisinimo)

I didn't take a picture of Pisin Mo'o, because there's a lot of signs there, telling you where you are. 

Pass by Santa Cruz Village
(Tagging on The Rez, especially, is really lame.)

Follow the sign!
(Thanks to my cousin, Maykayla for the photo!)

The road to Ku:pk

Pass the wo'o.
(or you know, go for a quick, muddy swim, whatever)
Ku:pk Village from the west entrance!
(Disregard the rain and the sprinkles, this was taken a long time ago.)

Have I mentioned that Kupk (without the colon) is on the iMap App?!  If you're coming through what we call, "The Back Way," through Sells, then... disregard everything I wrote here.  :)

See you at Ge'e Piast!

What's Ge'e Piast? Eee! I wrote about that yesterday! You can read that post here: The Big Dance in Ku:pk

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