The Casa On The Rez (About)

In order to teach others how to properly pronounce my last name, which is Cázares, I began breaking it down to Casa-On-The-Rez.  Casa is the Spanish word for 'house' and Rez is the abbreviated/slang form of the word 'reservation'.  My father, who is Mexican, built the house I grew up in, which was located on the Tohono O'odham Reservation.  I grew up in a casa on the rez.   

I briefly taught high school in a school designed for Tohono O'odham students.  My students often called me, "Ms. Casa On The Rez". My last name is not typical for our tribe, so the name stuck.  I added the "off the rez" to the title of this blog because I no longer live on the reservation (though I commute there daily for work).  I am an academic advisor at a Tribal Community College in Sells, but I live in Tucson, Arizona. 

I'm interested in honing my creative writing skills . I tend to draw from my personal experiences, memories or observations.  I also may share and overshare my experiences as an educator, a wife, and a mother of almost-teenage, twin daughters.

I enjoy reading, writing, baking and family time.

I strongly believe in Native Education, Peace, Equality and the need for Humor.


  1. Cool! Thank you. I'm writing a second mystery novel, using Ajo, Highway 85, the TO rez, and Tucson. I've been looking for TO expressions.

    1. ::Deep Breath:: Clark, please check out my latest blog.